Traveling in Jordan

  • Amman, Jordan While the idea of travelling to the Middle East may be concerning to some, these worries are likely to evaporate as soon as you step foot in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Despite its geographic location (bordered by Iraq, Syria and Lebanon), Jordan is extremely peaceful and safe, yet its locals retain the warm hospitality ... Read more
  • Dead Sea, Jordan Gallery Read more
  • Mount Nebo & Madaba Gallery Read more
  • The Lost City of Petra The Lost City of Petra is one of the world’s most famous and intriguing landmarks, with the mystery of the Pyramids in addition to the sprawling beauty of Machu Picchu. It is no wonder that it has become a favourite spot for moviemakers, with movies like Indiana Jones. Paying a visit to the sight as a ... Read more
  • Wadi Rum, The Valley of the Moon We left Petra towards Aqaba with a public bus at dawn. The small, circa twenty person capacity public bus stopped at several smaller local stops, and generally anywhere in between where the passengers requested the driver to stop. We hopped off the bus at a divergence and hitchhiked towards the entrance of the Wadi Rum ... Read more
  • Aqaba, Jordan Aqaba's economy is mainly based on tourism, and the port industry sector as it's Jordan's only coastal city. Unfortunately, since the Syrian War and ISIS, Jordan is struggling to attract enough tourists to it's premises, which was probably most conspicuous to us here, in Aqaba. When we went to the beach a few miles below the city, ... Read more
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