Traveling in Costa Rica

  • San Jose, Costa Rica San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica is a relatively small and busy Central American city with a diverse local culture. For the untrained eye it gives the impression of an unorganized, polluted, messy town with not much to see or to do for tourists, except using it as a hub to start their journey towards ... Read more
  • San Gerardo de Rivas Hiking in a refreshingly cool cloud forest high in the mountains of the Cordillera de Talamanca was an appealing idea after the heat in San Jose, so I decided to spend some time here. The tiny, tranquil town of San Gerardo de Rivas is situated in an exceptionally beautiful area, surrounded by a tropical cloud forest landscape. ... Read more
  • Drake Bay One of the most remote, secluded coastal areas in Costa Rica is the stunning and lush Osa Peninsula. Costa Rica’s largest national park, the Corcovado National Park is also situated here, slicing the peninsula in two parts, as the national park has a long coastline as well, which provides the wildlife direct access to the ocean, ... Read more
  • Day Trip to the Corcovado National Park The Corcovado National Park, situated on the Osa Peninsula, is the biggest and wildest national park in Costa Rica, frequently mentioned as one of the biologically most diverse places on earth. Since a couple of years now it can only be accessed in the company of an official guide. There are two major hubs where the Corcovado ... Read more
  • The Caribbean coast, Puerto Viejo & Cahuita Even though it is a relatively small country, Costa Rica’s climate is quite diverse, except the warm tropical temperatures, which only cool as we move to a higher altitude in the mountainous regions. There is no summer and winter, only a constantly warm rainy season and a dry season. The country borders both the Caribbean ... Read more
  • Opening coconuts in Costa Rica I was around Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula  – one of my favourite places in Costa Rica so far, when I started to form a strong interest towards the stunning amount of coconuts around me. Drinking and eating fresh coconut is a part of the tropical dream, you can buy them “peeled” and ready to ... Read more
  • Food in Costa Rica or, a Foodie's Struggle in Costa Rica; I am quite sure this is not the most objective article about Costa Rican cuisine; it is rather an impression I got after three weeks of backpacking around the country. So I have watched all those videos about how enlightened Costa Rica is in regards to the protection of its ... Read more
  • Traveling by bus in Costa Rica Public transportation in Costa Rica is only possible by bus. There are several independent bus companies across the country; you could literally get anywhere by bus. There are no other options, no public railways. Local airlines do exist, but that's only for the wealthy tourists so if you want to travel as the locals do, ... Read more
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