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Lingering between nation states and admiring the view.
My name is Nandor Persanyi, I was born in Budapest, Hungary. After working in Budapest and London for 8 years as a web architect, I have decided to leave the rat race behind.
The main purpose of this blog is to share my experiences, and provide travel advice. As a non-native English speaker, please do apologize for my mistakes, and as an amateur blogger do expect better quality posts & videos day-to-day!

I used to paint, so if you’re interested you can check my artworks here:

If you’re into geeky stuff, do check my site that recruiters browse day and night to spam me with zillions of job offers:


Where are you now, Nandor?

At the moment I’m back in my hometown, in Budapest, preparing for the next leg of my journey and processing all the experiences from my previous year of traveling. Material things I currently posses are still only my clothes, my laptop, my passport… and my freedom.

See you there,