Costa Rica

Opening coconuts in Costa Rica

I was around Drake Bay on the Osa Peninsula  – one of my favourite places in Costa Rica so far, when I started to form a strong interest towards the stunning amount of coconuts around me.

Drinking and eating fresh coconut is a part of the tropical dream, you can buy them “peeled” and ready to drink from the old rasta or local Tico on the beach for about a dollar or so – these guys are equipped with a …

Costa Rica

Food in Costa Rica

or, a Foodie’s Struggle in Costa Rica;

I am quite sure this is not the most objective article about Costa Rican cuisine; it is rather an impression I got after three weeks of backpacking around the country.
So I have watched all those videos about how enlightened Costa Rica is in regards to the protection of its environment, and that more than 25% of the land is protected national park. So I was prepared for all those easily accessible organic …

Costa Rica

Traveling by bus in Costa Rica

Public transportation in Costa Rica is only possible by bus. There are several independent bus companies across the country; you could literally get anywhere by bus. There are no other options, no public railways. Local airlines do exist, but that’s only for the wealthy tourists so if you want to travel as the locals do, and save some colones, then vamos!
Getting around by bus is actually really cheap, a few dollars would get you from one town …