Is it safe to bike in Budapest?

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Biking in Budapest

Budapest is slowly becoming a cycling capital. The number of people who bike to work, or opting for the two-wheeler as their primary way of getting around is steadily growing day by day.

Biking in Budapest

As the biking culture slowly spread from the world of hardcore cyclists and couriers to everyday commuters, students and families, the government could no longer ignore the voice of NGOs and lobbyists fighting for the rights of Budapest bikers.
Today, we could safely bike on separate bike lanes almost everywhere in the greater center of Budapest, with several particular bike routes spanning even outside of the city, connecting the suburbs with the Centrum.

Budapest, the cycling capital

The cycling infrastructure is not yet as developed and extensive as in Amsterdam or other similar cycling heavens of Europe, for instance you wouldn’t find a separate bike lane on a lot of narrower roads, but the road markings and traffic lights for bikers are almost always there. Driving responsibly, paying special attention to the bikers has also come to be a norm among Budapest drivers.

Taking all of this into consideration, we can safely say that by today Budapest has truly become a cycling capital, and the biking culture is now flourishing.
So when you visit Budapest next time, keep calm and hop on the bike!

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