Guangzhou, China

I have visited some of the major cities in China (still a lot to go!), and realized how unique each of these gigantic metropolises are, as they act like small individual countries inside the vast “Chinese Empire”.
Out of the five enormous megalopolises I have visited during my Chinese trip, the closest one to my heart is the last station of my Chinese journey, the city of Guangzhou.
Probably this decision has something to do with the weather (warm & humid), the food, and the fact that this city had the most similar standards I am used to, but I am not talking about cultural standards, but more basic things instead. The first and most easily recognizable is the traffic, the way the traffic flows, and the way drivers treat the pedestrians. I am from a European country, and I do¬†expect drivers to slow down and stop when I’m approaching the road at a crossing. Happens in Guangzhou. On the other hand, crossing a street in Chengdu for example, is similar to playing Russian roulette. The attitude of the participants in traffic tells a lot about an urban society’s mindset. Secondarily, hygiene and cleanliness, including the abundance of beautiful parks, and a generally well organized, well maintained urban infrastructure, which put the inhabitants of this metropolis first.
Friendly and patient people. Multicultural – Guangzhou has one of the highest number of foreigners living in a Chinese city – with a large African and Arab population.
Apart from my thrill-seeking side, I do appreciate the pleasant, boring predictability, especially if it is spiced with a great culture, nice people, and of course, delicious food.



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