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Explore Padua of Northern Italy

Outshone by the glamour of Venice, Padua lies just half an hour away from it.
Let’s take a quick peek at this historical town which claims to be the oldest in Northern Italy.
Renaissance architecture, genuine Italian vibe, Padua is a real hidden gem, unjustifiably forgotten by the masses.

During the renaissance Padua quickly rose to be one of the most important cultural centers of Europe, made possible by the relative peace and stability throughout a millennium under the Venetian …


Things to do in Hpa-an, Myanmar

After the border crossing from Thailand to Myanmar over the Thai-Myanmar Friendship bridge, we headed straight to the town of Hpa-an by the broad Salween river. Given the initial culture shock, the horrid road conditions, and the fact that we’ve been crammed into a 4-person sedan with 6 other Burmese locals enlisted as a minibus, getting from Myawaddy to Hpa-an was an adventure in itself.

The town of Hpa-an and Galaxy Motel

At the time of our travel, tourists visiting …


Buddhism in Myanmar

The significance of Buddhism in Myanmar is unparalleled. Buddhism plays an important role in politics and is one of the main pillars of the power structure in Myanmar along with the army and the government.

Buddhism in Myanmar

With the exception of Muslims and some other minorities, every Burmese becomes a monk at some point in their lives, some of them multiple times. The availability of the option of retreating as a monk also serves the important purpose as a social safety net, …


Northern shore of Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Central Europe

When traveling in Hungary, exploring Lake Balaton should be on top of the list for every visitor.

Lake Balaton, or the “Hungarian sea” as the locals call it, is the number one summer-getaway destination in Hungary.
It’s hard to find a Hungarian who doesn’t have family member or friends who own a holiday house by Balaton, and so is it equally rare for a Hungarians to let a year pass without …


Is it safe to bike in Budapest?

Biking in Budapest

Budapest is slowly becoming a cycling capital. The number of people who bike to work, or opting for the two-wheeler as their primary way of getting around is steadily growing day by day.

Biking in Budapest

As the biking culture slowly spread from the world of hardcore cyclists and couriers to everyday commuters, students and families, the government could no longer ignore the voice of NGOs and lobbyists fighting for the rights of Budapest bikers.
Today, we could safely bike …


Border crossing from Thailand to Myanmar

Our journey to the mysterious country of Myanmar started with a memorable border crossing from Thailand through the Thai-Myanmar Friendship Bridge, arching over the border river of Thaungyin. The Thaungyin river also separates the border towns of Mae Sot in Thailand from Myawaddy in Myanmar.

Mae Sot

Despite being still within the Kingdom of Thailand, Mae Sot bears a strong Burmese identity. Due to the influx of Burmese migrant workers, it has a much more diverse demographics when compared to …


Pictures of Myanmar

Pictures of Myanmar

Pictures of Myanmar is a video clip made of various shots we have recorded while travelling around Myanmar.
With this video we are trying to highlight some important aspects of life in Myanmar: the significance of religion (mainly Buddhism), traditions, and poverty, which is a huge issue in Myanmar right now.


Hiking the cliffs of Malta

Hiking in Malta from Dingli to Bahrija.

Discovering the Maltese countryside, and hiking in Malta by the coast was one of our greatest Maltese experience.
We started by bus from Valletta and visited the picturesque, rustic old town of Mdina in the morning. From Mdina we took another bus to the town of Dingli, where we walked up north-west on “Triq San Pawl Tal-Pitkali” street until we have left the town and entered the rugged countryside of Malta.

Ras id-Dawwara,